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FUFISM is an acronym for Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media, which is also a marketing philosophy where the power of the social media to influence your online penetration is used in many strange and sneaky ways. 

Info4u uses FUFISM based marketing and has a number of online Digital properties in place to complement our web site and expand our influence within the interwebs

our blog at is in place to inform the public of trends and ways to utilize these trends to improve the publics understanding of the FUFISM philosophy, along with how to make use of this to improve your business

our web pages at will add to the value of our blog, and focus on getting the public to make use of the social media to improve their business opportunities and expand their influence within the online environment.

FUFISM is a new approach to marketing, and uses the power of social media to reach your intended target market audience and influence their online search in ways that have never been explained properly within the online marketing industry. our goggle plus page is in place to connect this all our Digital properties together and share information across digital platforms in a manner that both you our intended target market audience, and search engines can understand and use in meaningful ways.


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